The Good Grid is a community platform for requesting and delivering social services.

Whether you need help or can offer help, everyone has a part to play in improving the lives of those in their communities. Through the Good Grid, providers, volunteers, employers and others work together to break the cycles of poverty, unemployment, and crime.
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What is The Good Grid?

The Good Grid in a Nutshell

How It Works

Learn to Use the Good Grid as a:


Meet Susan, a recently released ex-offender and mother of two

She uses the Good Grid to:

  • Explain her issues & needs
  • Find services that are a good fit for her and her children
  • Connect with helpful providers
  • Browse opportunity and internship opportunities that would help build her career
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Meet Jim, a student looking to give back to his community

He uses the Good Grid to:

  • Browse impactful work by organizations
  • Find volunteer opportunities
  • Support causes important to him
  • Connect with other volunteers
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Service Provider

Meet Keisha, a service provider at Hope Transitional Housing

She uses the Good Grid to:

  • Raise awareness of her organization’s work
  • Let supporters know how they can help her
  • Post up volunteer opportunities
  • Find helpful resources for her beneficiaries
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Meet Ron, owner of Cherry Glazed Dessert Bar

He uses the Good Grid to:

  • Post jobs and other opportunities FOR FREE
  • Browse through qualified resumes, and filter by skills and location
  • Contact desired candidates to coordinate interviews
  • Benefit from financial incentives such as Work Opportunity Tax Credit and Federal Bonding.
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The Good Grid is an initiative of Protech Solutions, Inc & the Arkansas Department of Community Corrections